Our Story

Sun Stood Still was formed in the summer of 2014.  Four friends from the suburbs of Chicago, all from multiple musical backgrounds simply wanted to do one thing together, write and create new music.  Sun Stood Still is a rock\alternative band committed to the art of writing songs.

Sun Stood Still is:

Eric Liljehorn - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Kurt Diehl - Guitar
Dave Yates - Bass, vocals
Robert Cali - Drums, Percussion

After a few years of performing cover songs locally as a solo artist Eric wanted to get back to what made music fun again, writing and collaborating.  He met Robert online in the summer of 2014 and began to jam on a few or Eric's songs to see how things gelled.  Almost immediately they knew they had chemistry and began adding to the mix.  Eric recruited former band-mate Dave Yates who he had worked with a few years earlier in Space Giant.  Dave was immediately on board with the material and the overall style.  Kurt joined Sun Stood Still not long after.  Kurt and Eric have been friends since grade school.  Kurt had played guitar for years but never found a group he wanted to commit to.  Until now.  

Sun Stood Still is an all original band out of Naperville, IL, just outside Chicago. Here's what we do....we write, and then we record, and then we write, and we record some more...then every now and then we'll play a show too. We love to play live, but that's not our driving force. We simply love to write and record and use our collaborative creativity as often as we can.

Take a ride with us on this creative journey. Tell us what you think. Tell us songs you like, Tell us songs you dislike. Share a poem or lyric you'd love to have us put music to. Share your music with us! Share your friends music with us! We love to go see local original artists. Come to see us! Tell us who we sound like, or what cover you'd love to hear us do. Will we do it...probably not, but we want to hear your opinion anyways. :)

Thanks for taking the time to check us out, and for checking out ANY of the many amazing local artists we're blessed to have in the Chicago-land area.....not everyone has such a luxury.

Finally, thanks HAS to go to our wives\girlfriends. Without your support this whole music thing is a burden, not a blessing. You are all amazing!